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Paradigm Technologies is an award-winning Executive Search firm specializing in finding, attracting and delivering top talent — from entry-level management through President and CEO. Since 1988, we have achieved outstanding results in partnering with world class organizations on the leading edge in the manufacturing and service related industries.

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Job Candidates

The demand for top talent has never been greater. Organizations seek experienced, credible leaders with the vision and skills to design winning strategies and motivate others. We work with a variety of industries and companies throughout...

Employer Partnership

Paradigm Technologies is dedicated to providing superior executive search services. We pledge to exceed the expectations of our client by responding to their diverse needs in an individualized and expedient manner. Our personalized and flexible approach provides...
Regardless of market conditions, your human capital will determine how great your organization performs at the end of the quarter.
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Your Executive Search Partner

At Paradigm Technologies, we are cognizant of the many changes that are affecting worldwide business. We understand our clients’ real world needs and represent their interests as true partners in assisting them to achieve their objectives.

For decades, Paradigm Technologies has responded to the indicators of the world’s changing economics by meeting our clients’ requirements quickly and effectively. Through this unique partnership approach, we have successfully partnered with such world class organizations as: ITT, General Electric, Subaru and General Motors.

The architecture of the workplace continues to evolve.

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