What Sets Us Apart

Why Pick Us

Longevity and Local Expertise

For decades, Paradigm Technologies, Inc (PTI) has been conducting professional and executive level searches in the manufacturing and service industries. Headquartered in Southeast Michigan, and with boots on the ground throughout the U.S., PTI is the dominate source for tomorrows leaders today.

Competitive Difference

Depending on the program selected, we selectively identify one firm in your industry to partner with. By eliminating your competition from our client base, we increase our selection pool of candidates for you to choose from. We network with your competition’s top people and identify the leaders in their prospective fields.

Sense of Urgency

A commitment to conduct an expedient search based on quality and accuracy.

Relationship Management

Joe Beyer, owner of PTI, will serve as your initial point of contact. After the onboarding process is completed, you will partner with a single point of contact within PTI, expediting and simplifying the challenges of your ever changing daily needs. Through our unique relationship management approach PTI will network with and engage in confidential career related conversations with the specialists in your industry, business and culture, both locally and nationally.

Detailed Search Plan

Our exclusive 8-step process.

Strategic Networking

Through state-of-the-art technology, we can network with senior-level executives around the world who are the pioneers and leaders in your industry.

Paradigm Technologies, Inc (PTI) is dedicated to providing superior executive search services. We pledge to exceed the expectations of our client by responding to their diverse needs in an individualized and expedient manner. Discover why many corporations trust Paradigm in their hiring and recruiting needs.

Continuous Recruitment

We work with people whom we have known over a long period of time — people whose upward career trajectory has tracked right along with our own. We know who has thrived, and in what type of environment. We know who is capable of heroic contributions and increased responsibility. In short, we know who is ready to step up. And who is not.

Comprehensive Candidate Evaluation

An elaborate, in-depth look at each candidate. This evaluation includes their resume, questions/answers from interviews, detailed synopsis of their career, and professional qualifications as well as salary and benefits.

Customer Service Driven Company

Our business is built on repeat business, reputation and client referrals. Our rate structure and guarantee is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Our commitment to quality and customer service is second to none.

High Retention Rate

Continuous follow-up with the candidate for the first six months to assist with integration into your company.


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