Should you use the CV format or the traditional resume format for job applications? In this guide, you will learn the difference between a CV and resume, including the key components of each, when to choose one over the other, and proper formatting for various fields. Table of Contents – Introduction– Traditional Resume Vs CV: […]
It’s fascinating why some people get hired and others don’t. When it’s all said and done, the decision of who is hired is often based on the personal chemistry the candidate created with the interviewers. Most of our decisions are emotionally based. Our choice of life partners, the houses we live in, the cars we […]
As our world continues to move toward more digital interactions during the interview process, it’s important to make sure you are prepared for digital interviews. Even the first interview may not be a phone call but rather be on Zoom, Google Meet, or a proprietary software the company/recruiter uses. Here are several tips to help […]
As individuals climb the corporate ladder, the tactics for job hunting evolve. consultation with one of our regional directors. 1. BUILD A RESUME WORTH READING Your resume is often the first touchpoint you’ll have with potential employers and most of the time it will run through an Applicant-Tracking-System (ATS) before it ever reaches an actual […]
Should I hire a career coach? Recovering from a career setback? Looking to pivot to a second-act career? If your game plan is to send out resumés and hope for the best, you’ll quickly find that the old ways of approaching this kind of challenge aren’t working today. That’s why a good career coach can empower […]
Should I use an executive search firm? If you’re a leader or rising new talent accelerating in your career, chances are you’ve been approached by a recruiter. In our era of transparency, and with the rise of LinkedIn and other online professional networks, business leaders are more visible and more accessible than ever. While these […]
If Your Resume Isn’t Opening Doors, Get Some Professional Help Is It Worth the Money? Job searching sure is expensive. After all, it costs money to dry clean your interview suit, fill up your tank and drive to each and every job interview. And at a time when you’re counting every nickel and dime, you […]
The answer: Say Yes and ask, “How do I help you get a gold star on your review next year?” Why? Well, in short, the interview process is very one-sided and self absorbed. You are talking about, well, you. Sometimes we can sound like those people who only talk about themselves. Or, we sound too […]
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linkedin-small-and-mid-size-business-recruiting-trends-report_2017-2-1 The Impact of Employer Branding – Click on the above link to find out how it can affect your business!
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