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Who is Paradigm Technologies, Inc (PTI)?

We are one of the world’s oldest and largest retained professional search firms who is headquartered just outside of Detroit, Michigan USA with a global presence that specializes in attracting tomorrow’s talent today in the areas of: Engineering, Operations, Finance, Sales, Executive Management, Marketing, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Purchasing and Technology.

What is Paradigm Technologies?

Paradigm Technologies is the on line job board that matches our paid client members with our paid candidate members globally.  The Paradigm Technologies job board is a program designed for professional candidates who are interested in learning about other career opportunities locally or throughout the globe.  We referrer to this program as the “Partners In Performance” (PIP) program. It is a paid membership program but the majority of the dues comes from paid client companies.  Only a small fraction comes from candidate members.  It is an exclusive membership whose members must be referred by a current member.  It is not open to the general public and membership is limited.

What makes Paradigm Technologies different than other job boards like LinkedIn, Ladders, Zip Recruiter, etc?

                Those companies are not professional retained search firms.  They just list job openings which anyone can apply to.  Most of our openings are confidential, the general public never gets to hear about them and they are not listed anywhere else.  Our membership is limited, their membership is not.  This means with their job openings you have more competition for the job.  We know who you are and work on your behalf while representing you to our paid client members, they do not know who you are and do not represent you.  You have to do all of the work.  We have an inside track and relationship with our client members and the hiring team, other job boards do not.  There are no programs in existence like the PIP program. 

Can I submit my resume directly to a company?

Yes, for non-client companies you are encouraged to do so.

Where are the jobs located?

Our clients are global.  The openings are global.

What if my current employer is one of PTI’s clients, can they see my resume?

When you input your resume into our system you are given the ability to blind the resume so that no one knows who you are.

What industries does Paradigm Technologies represent?

There are many industries that we represent but our main focus is in 7 areas; automotive, defense, energy, consumer products, aerospace, medical and agriculture.


Why should someone become a member?

For the most part, our client companies view us as their external HR department.  Ever wonder how someone got a job that you would like to have but you never knew the opening occurred until it was too late?  Have you ever heard that sometimes it is not what you know but who you know when it comes to getting the right job?  Will your resume get lost in the shuffle if you submit it yourself to a company?  Do you have an internal person at the company looking out for you and making sure your resume is in front of the right people?  Is the HR department overwhelmed with resumes?  Do you really have the time that is necessary to represent yourself at all of these companies on a global basis?  Could you truly be as effective as Paradigm Technologies?  Do you have the internal contacts at these companies?  For $4 USD per month could you really accomplish this on your own?  These are just some of the reasons that members join the PIP program. Our representatives are in constant contact with our client companies to make sure that you are properly represented on a continual and sustained basis. 

How does the PIP program work?

                A candidate member inputs their information into our exclusive database.  Our clients are given a password that allows them to search the database for candidates.  Once identified, the candidate is contacted by either the client member or by Paradigm Technologies to discuss the opportunity.

Is it possible that once I am a member that someone I refer for membership may never be invited to join?

                Yes, in fact it is a strong probability that they will never be invited because we limit the number of members by their current title, experience, etc. and it really depends on how many people were referred for membership prior to them with a similar background.

What if I decided not to become a member?

                Membership is not for everyone.  We only want members who are serious about exploring other opportunities.  They may not be interested right now in looking for an opportunity but they are encouraged to join right now because they may never receive an invitation again to join.  We want to partner with members who view their membership as a necessary tool and a life long commitment to enhancing their career path.  If a candidate is only interested in making a quick change of employment and is not serious about sustained career growth over the years then this program is not for them.  Once an invitation is sent out and should the person choose not to become a member after 10 days  then their contact information is discarded and the only way they can receive another invitation in the future to join is if another member recommends them.  Because the waiting list is long, in some cases years, typically people do not receive another invitation to join.

If I join and then cancel my membership can I rejoin in the future?


What if I am unable to relocate? Should I still become a member?

                When you input your information into our system it will ask you what country you live in and if you need help with visa sponsorship and relocation costs.  Many of our clients are able to assist in these areas and are open to candidates who need help.  One of the reasons our client members join Global Recruiter is because their needs are global and they are open to sponsoring the right candidate.  Remember, we represent very large companies, they are used to relocating and sponsoring candidates on a global basis and have internal teams that specialize in this area.

How often should I check my candidate profile?

                You should always keep your resume up to date.  In addition, any changes you make to your compensation, your ability to relocate, etc. should also be kept up to date.

How often will I hear from Global Recruiter or Paradigm Technologies?

                In addition to our client companies reaching out to you directly about openings, periodically you will receive emails from PTI about openings that we may not be working on but that we are aware of and whose requirements may fit your background.

Once I have inputted my information into the Global Recruiter PIP system do I need to do anything else?

                For the most part you are done except that you need to make sure that your candidate profile is always up to date.  Also, you can periodically check the PTI website for interviewing tips, leads on companies that are hiring, the PTI blog, new companies added to our client list, etc.

Can I refer more than one individual?


Can I talk to a Paradigm Technologies Recruiter?


Why is there a fee to candidate members and not just client company members?

                We are only interested in partnering with candidates who are serious about advancing their careers.  If membership was free then anyone could join, even non-serious candidates.  Our client companies as well as our employees could be wasting their time reaching out to non-serious members about career opportunities.  By having candidate members pay a small fraction we limit this risk.   Also, members have to be referred and invited to become members.  To be honest, membership is limited, thus so is the amount of revenue generated.  This is an exclusive club, 99.99% of the population will never be invited to join.

How long has Paradigm Technologies been in business?

                The name changed in 1998 to Paradigm Technologies, Inc (PTI) but the business was founded in 1988.  The name changed to better describe our abilities and reflect our global presence.

What types of searches does Paradigm Technologies conduct?

                Many of our clients are Fortune 500 Companies often times with needs on a global basis.  A large portion of our searches are confidential.  That means the general public never gets to hear about the openings.  There are a variety of reasons companies do not want to advertise their openings, such as; they are replacing a current employee, the HR department is unable to handle a multitude of candidates inquiring about the opening, HR simply does not have the expertise or the right contacts to conduct the search, there are so many openings that additional professional help is needed to identify candidates, executive management wants to have full control of the search, etc.

What types of candidates\openings does Paradigm Technologies work with?

                We conduct searches from CEO to Engineer for some of the largest companies in the world.  If you were invited to join that means the member who referred you feels that you fit the criteria that we are looking for.

Is there an additional cost if a client hires a PIP member?

                No, the only cost to the member is the initial set up fee and the monthly membership costs.

Can a PIP member still keep their membership if hired by one of Paradigms’ client companies?

                Yes, membership should be viewed for the long term.  Members are encouraged to keep their membership until the day they retire.   They should always be looking to enhance their career.  Remember, once you cancel your membership you may not be eligible again for membership.

How exclusive is the Partners In Performance (PIP) program?

                We have a set limit of candidates that we are able to represent.  For instance, let’s say that you are a Product Engineer and our limit is 200 Product Engineers that means that we will only represent 200 Product Engineers on a global basis at any given time.  Once an opening occurs for a Product Engineer to join our program then we send out an email to the next Product Engineer on our list that was recommended to us.  That email is an invitation to join our exclusive PIP program and is only meant for the particular person.  They have 10 days to join before the invitation expires.   If after 10 days they have elected not to join then the next person on the list is invited.

How does someone get invited to join the PIP program?

                A potential member must be recommended to us by a current PIP member.  When initially joining, the new member is given the opportunity to recommend one new member.  That member goes on the bottom of the list for future invitations.  When an opening occurs that fits that person’s background an invitation is sent out.

Are all of your clients and job openings on the Global Recruiter job board?

                For the most part yes but remember things are always changing.  For instance, Ford Motor Company might not have a need this month but last month they did, thus they are not on the job board this month.  Or, maybe they have a need but did not list it because there are enough potential candidates in our membership that it wasn’t necessary to list.  Remember, with membership you never have to apply to openings with paid client members, your resume is always on file with them.

Can I apply to openings on your Paradigm Technologies website?

                Yes, but for the most part those openings with paid client members will be on the Global Recruiter job board and it would be redundant. 

What other benefits are there to membership?

                In addition to being considered for openings before other candidates and having us represent you, members have access to their resume 24/7/365. Why is this important?  Because people sometimes lose their resume due to computer malfunction, etc.  This way, they always have an electronic copy.  Also, periodically you will receive emails from PTI about hiring trends, types of interview questions, advice on how to conduct the best interview, PTI blog, information on companies that are hiring in your area but may not be a PTI client, updates on Visa sponsorship requirements, companies open to paying for relocation costs, etc.

What if I need Visa sponsorship or assistance with relocation costs?

                I am sorry to say that prior to membership, we do not have the manpower for potential members to reach out to us directly which is why we try to answer all of the questions on this list of potential questions.  Our recruiters are busy working with our current client and candidate members to fill existing openings. 

Further questions?

Please take a look at our website or our Global Recruiter job board to gain additional knowledge about our abilities, etc.


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