It’s fascinating why some people get hired and others don’t. When it’s all said and done, the decision of who is hired is often based on the personal chemistry the candidate created with the interviewers. Most of our decisions are emotionally based. Our choice of life partners, the houses we live in, the cars we drive, the movies we watch —all are rooted in creating a positive emotional state. Hiring employees is not only an intellectual exercise but an emotional decision as well. Creating this emotional connection is the beginning of creating trusting relationships. Emotional connectivity also assures the interviewers that the candidate could relate well with the rest of the organization.

Let your authentic self shine. Be yourself. You are always most powerful and credible when you behave genuinely.

All potential bosses want to know: (1) Can you do the job? Do you have the technical expertise to exceed my expectations? (2) Will you fit in? How well will you adapt to diverse personalities and situations? (3) How much do you want the job? How well prepared are you for the interviews and how thought-provoking are your questions?


  • Become more interpersonally adaptive so you can speed-read the styles of others with whom you are seeking to relate.
  • What penetrating questions can you ask as a means of connecting more effectively with others?
  • How will you share your passion and specifically articulate why you want this job?



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