The answer:  Say Yes and ask, “How do I help you get a gold star on your review next year?”


Well, in short, the interview process is very one-sided and self absorbed.  You are talking about, well, you.  Sometimes we can sound like those people who only talk about themselves.

Or, we sound too technical and analyze the job so much that we sound like “job analysis engineers”.  These start with questions like, “what is reporting structure?” or “how does it fit into 10 year plan?”

We tend to get so obsesses with the job that we forget about the work.

Working together as well as being a good member of the team means you are concerned with how well the team does.  And that shows how much you are helping your boss be successful.  That’s the bottom line.

Asking questions shows not only that you have empathy, but also you have a personal interest in your boss’ career and their personal success.

The gold star question is an easy thing to implement in your job search.  It’s easy to do, easy to understand, and easy to measure.

Try it….you may get a gold star for getting the job!




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